When It’s Not Our Fault


We’re all super good at beating up on ourselves, aren’t we? Think about the last time you ate chocolate cake, which for me was last night. Oops. And it wasn’t just a couple bites!

Did I really savor every bite? Lick the fork? Smile happily?

Well, not exactly. The first three bites were delicious. And then I got sucked in to the sugar/carb/chocolate vortex and don’t remember what happened after that.

Is that what happens to you when you do something you think is a bit like cheating? Yep. Thought so.

Here’s a way we could look at it instead. . .

It’s not our fault.

There’s no “fault” in enjoying life. In eating cake. In sleeping in.

It’s perfectly okay to have a cheat day or a cheat week — whether we’re talking about food, exercise, being a team player at work, or pulling our weight (pun intended!) around the house.

We’ve all come to expect perfection from ourselves and others, so much so that it can send us into a tail spin when it doesn’t happen. Which, if you’re at all like me, is every dang day.

So let’s do this. Let’s let it go.

Twitter-Icon_LoveMedicineAgain.comTweet: Let’s give ourselves permission to be human. Every. Day.

Let’s give our friends, our colleagues, our patients, our families that same permission.

Let’s take the “shoulds” and the “don’t do’s” off the table for a bit, shall we?

Life’s short.

Eat dessert first!

And live a “no fault” life, my friend.

CATEGORIES: Blog, Connection on September 8, 2015 by Starla Fitch, M.D.

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