Were You Grateful On World Gratitude Day?


A friend told me that September 21st was World Gratitude Day. I realized that was yesterday and wondered if my life would’ve played out any differently had I known.

We are living each week faster than the next. In a big hurry to get . . . um, where?

We read everywhere how we need to:

— Slow down.

— Take stock.

— Count our blessings.

— Write in a journal.

But if your day is like mine, you wake up with the best of intentions and even a good mantra: “Something wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

You sit down for a quiet cup of coffee or tea.

You read a bit for inspiration and hold off on checking your emails or the news.

And then your spouse rushes in to tell you there’s a plumbing issue that, at 4 a.m., is not really how either of you planned on starting your day. Sigh.

So, when I think back to what I was doing on World Gratitude Day, I wondered: was I grateful?

Then I remembered those moments in between.

When an elderly patient made a joke. . . and made me laugh out loud. I asked him why he was in to see me (a common question we ask, not because we haven’t paid attention to the chart, but to allow the patient to tell it in their own words). His answer: “I heard you were lonely, so I came for a visit.” Best answer. Ever.

When I had an unexpected sweet note in the mailbox from a friend, just because.

When the lady at the check-out stopped what she was doing to go ahead and ring up my few items, even though I was just standing there, waiting patiently. And did so with a smile.

All this is to say that we can change our day in just a moment. And we can change other people’s day, too.

 Twitter-Icon_LoveMedicineAgain.com Tweet: We can all find gratitude in a moment. Trust me. I’m a doctor.

I’m hoping this will be a reminder to savor something good about your day as your head hits the pillow tonight. Maybe start with: you have a pillow.

Feeling grateful for all of you today.

We’re all in this together. Thanks for being there.




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