The Top 3 Ways To Connect



It’s easy to feel like a unique snowflake in a hail storm these days. You may not feel like you can relate to your neighbor, your co-worker, your family.

But, in my experience, we are way more connected than we think.

After recently getting shuttled around from one delayed flight to the next, I decided to take a breather and figure out what the Universe was trying to tell me. And the message I received was this:

 Twitter-Icon_LoveMedicineAgain.comWe are all connected, if we just stop and see it.


Here’s the top 3 ways I learned how to connect and feel our community:

  1. Be aware.

It sounds silly. Of course, we’re always “aware.” But when we really take a moment, we see how interesting the connections are . . . when your hair dresser has your signature “star” on her jeans; when you quote an article to your seat mate on the plane that turns out to be written by his brother; when you and the other gal on the missed flight are both heading to the same meeting.

  1. Be open.

As you stand in the line waiting to board the plane, do you keep your phone in constant text mode? Or do you discover that someone else in line works a block away from you back home, after noticing the logo on their t-shirt? You never know who you are going to be introduced to as you make your way through our busy world. Turns out, that guy may be the one who finds your luggage in the lost-and-found.

  1. Be positive.

Whether your day involves travel, being in full-on work mode, or going non-stop as the household manager, in the very forefront of your mind: be positive. Sure . . the traffic, the weather, the latest news crisis is enough to put scowls on all of our faces. But at the end of day, most of us are lucky enough to have our basic needs more than met. We’ve likely encountered a few people during our day that have improved our lives for the better. And we can only hope to repay that in kind.

How have you connected today?





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