Starla’s message was moving and really spoke to the group and led to insightful, personal and poignant interaction among the attendees. (Her) message is applicable not only to physicians but to anyone trying to balance their life! Continue Reading

Vicki Cansler, Senior VP and Chief HR Executive December 8, 2015

Let me start by saying I’m NOT in the medical field. But I AM related to two doctors who will be getting this book! Remedy for Burnout is insightful, progressive and loaded with easy-to-implement ‘prescriptions’for how Doctors can overcome burnout and heal themselves while still providing a high-level of care for their patients. A quick read, Dr. Fitch not only shares the soul-stirring truth about the state of medicine today… but she offers a step-by-step road map for how those in the medical field can truly love medicine again. I had tears in my eyes too many times to count… a must read for anyone who seeks more joy, abundance and success in their life! Continue Reading

Brook Kreder December 8, 2015

In Remedy for Burnout, Dr. Starla Fitch shares the best medicine—creativity, compassion and connection—among other sources of support for not only physicians to heal themselves from exhaustion, but also that can be applied to many professions…and burned out lives. As a former acute care nurse, who worked with critically ill newborns and later with terminally ill children, I understand how taxing and emotionally and physically draining it can be on the front lines of the health care system…especially in the OR or hospital setting. However, as Dr. Starla reminded me, I gained so much more from the patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, who lifted me up when I needed them most. Thank you Dr. Starla for the perfect prescription to love medicine–and life—again. Continue Reading

Barbara L. Edie December 8, 2015

Starla is truly a doctor that writes prescriptions I can buy. AKA relieving burnout by tapping into what you love and the gifts you were given. I’m not a doctor, but I have suffered from burnout and Dr. Fitch’s remedies are powerful. Continue Reading

Melanie Bates December 8, 2015

Starla Fitch’s purpose to help health care professionals move from burnout to vibrant vitality comes through loud and clear. Continue Reading

Steve Sisgold December 8, 2015

Starla’s stories and prescriptions will change the way you feel about medicine. Continue Reading

Bernie Siegel, MD December 8, 2015

Dr. Fitch helps all of us, patients, doctors, really anyone seeking a more fulfilled life. Continue Reading

Susan Mathison, MD December 8, 2015

The docs need us to remember who they are, and why they love medicine. You will help them reclaim the lineage . . . Dr. Starla Fitch offers medicine for the soul to help her fellow physicians reconnect with what matters in health care. Continue Reading

Lissa Rankin, MD February 4, 2016

For many physicians, the magical intimacy of the doctor-patient relationship is little more than a distant memory. For all this, however, there is a way out, from a medical insider who’s been in the trenches and knows how to speak from her heart. Thank you, Dr. Starla. Continue Reading

Larry Dossey, MD February 4, 2016

Starla the Shaman . . . I am so lucky to know you. Continue Reading

Martha Beck, PhD February 4, 2016

Thank you for all you are doing to rehabilitate public faith in the medical profession, as well as faith in ourselves. You are a true credit to doctors everywhere. Continue Reading

Shep Dunlevie February 4, 2016

Here's what I love most about this book: It's real. Dr. Starla Fitch writes with clarity, compassion and with this very cool relate-able sense of humor - while delivering a super powerful message to an industry that needs it so so much. (Plus, she's lived all of this too. That's so important in this age when experts seem to be born overnight.) Great, easy read with do-able action steps. Continue Reading

Christine Kane February 4, 2016

It’s so comforting to know that we MDs on the edge of burnout are not alone. Practicing medicine is a gift and loving it again feels wonderful. Continue Reading

Susan Hoffman, MD February 4, 2016

I appreciate her ‘speaking up’ for all of us. Starla makes some great points about the challenges that physicians face on a daily basis. Continue Reading

Perry Ballard, MD February 4, 2016

You are so helpful, not only for physicians, but for anyone who works in the medical profession. You help me understand and respond to situations that arise at work with more understanding, empathy, and truth. Continue Reading

Stacie Styles Liang, RN February 4, 2016

This is the most productive time I’ve spent for work in a long time. . . (it was) transformational. Continue Reading

Julie Kovach, MD February 4, 2016

Starla elegantly reminds us why we enjoy the emotional side of medicine, and coaches us how to perform better as well. The positive relationships with patients and peers can help sustain us during these trying times of seemingly endless regulation, a mentally fatiguing and demanding process for most doctors. She reminds us to take care of ourselves, too. Her work encourages us to continue to grow our strengths, as well as improve our weaker areas. Continue Reading

J. Michael Roach, MD February 4, 2016

Dr. Fitch . . . addresses the issues so many of us face in our day-to-day work lives, whether we are doctors or not. How do you find the joy and satisfaction that drew you to your profession in a world of deadlines, bureaucracy and multi-tasking? In addition (she) addresses the unique issues faced by our medical providers that might not be apparent to patients and others. Dr. Fitch’s 7 prescriptions of self-awareness, empowerment and relationship-building can be implemented immediately to change your mindset from one of burnout to gratitude. Continue Reading

Michael Miller February 4, 2016

...I was intrigued about burnout from a doctor’s perspective. As a nurse who has suffered burnout, I realized I could have used this book in the past and that I’ll be referring to (it) in the future. Dr. Starla’s concrete interventions would easily be customized to any profession or stage of life, i.e., overwhelmed teacher, exhausted parent, frustrated job seeker. The Remedy revives your spirit, organizes your frazzled thoughts and focuses your action plan . . . Continue Reading

Clare V. Buser February 4, 2016

Medical training prepares us for many aspects of practicing, but not the emotional demands. Over time, the emotional drain can lead to burnout or worse. Dr. Starla Fitch has written a marvelous book that fills the gap.You will get a refresher on burnout and more important, prescriptions to remedy the problem. Reading this book and following her advice will let you love your practice again. Continue Reading

Thomas S. Harbin, Jr., MD February 4, 2016

"Remedy for Burnout” reminded me of why I became a nurse, and why I continue to care for people. Dr. Fitch encourages us to stay positive, embrace our creativity and support each other on a daily basis. Continue Reading

Lori Mehleis, RN February 4, 2016

Practicing medicine has always been a risky field for burnout. There has always been, and always will be, more patients that could have been seen, more articles that could be read, more meetings that could have been attended. . . Any physician practicing today will find Dr. Fitch’s comments relevant and her remedies helpful. Continue Reading

Marc Greenberg, MD February 4, 2016

This book is written primarily for physicians, but as an advocate for collaborative work and humanizing healthcare (i.e. medicine, nursing, etc) I loved it!

I tended to substitute healthcare professionals or add nurses in my head at times because despite our differences, I think we can talk about burnout together and much of her advice is useful to nurses. In fact, docs and nurses have tremendous potential power to impact healthcare and I believe this power can be realized if we can invite, listen to, and learn about each other's experiences. Continue Reading

Beth Boynton, RN February 4, 2016

Dr. Starla Fitch's Remedy for Burnout is a practical, uplifting, and hopeful book. After all the politics of health care in our country it's so refreshing to take medicine back to the foundation of true compassionate, healing care. Dr. Starla Fitch Is not only a surgeon and is in the trenches, but she is a visionary for what is possible for both doctors and patients. In her warm and positive manner she gives practical prescriptions to love medicine again. I have taught in a medical school for 19 years and many of her prescriptions were not addressed with the medical students and residents. But as a marriage and family therapist I know true healing begins with the care giver. This is where real healing begins. I am so grateful that Dr. Fitch has shared her wisdom with us. I wish all doctors had the heart of Dr. Fitch. Continue Reading

Colleen O’Grady February 4, 2016

I've worked with thousands of doctors in my career and even have a few in my immediate family. I've witnessed not only what it takes to become a physician but what it takes to fuel that passion over years of taking call, survive the ever increasing pressure to see more patients in less time and weather the subsequent loss of connection to the patients served. Dr. Fitch's book presents the reality of this path along with the inspiration to stay (or reconnect) with that original devotion. I simply loved the stories presented here as a reminder of why we all got into healthcare in the first place and the tangible ways doctors (and others) can feel that fire again. Continue Reading

Sue Ludwig February 4, 2016

Out of a heart of true concern for others, Dr. Starla Fitch has articulated what many of us have experienced at various stages of our careers. I suspect it is only a fortunate few who have never known seasons of time when job stress and fatigue resulted in some degree of burnout. Dr. Fitch's insight can likely be applied to all walks of life. Thank you for being willing to speak about it!!! Continue Reading

Howell Tucker, MD February 4, 2016

Starla infuses what has become the dehumanization of medical staff with a breath of fresh air. She highlights the issues facing not just doctors, but nurses and ancillary staff that all work together under this now-broken model we call medicine. Thank you Starla for giving all of medicine another way of approaching each moment of experience and each interaction with each other as an opportunity for presence, love, and connection. Continue Reading

Madeleine Castellanos, MD February 4, 2016

I'm a psychiatrist and homeopath who has worked with hundreds of medical students, residents, and practicing physicians experiencing burnout. Plus I've come through burnout myself. From both perspectives, I can say that Dr. Fitch has created an extremely helpful guide here.

. . . Many doctors are "do it by myself-ers," to the point we can forget anyone might be able or willing to help. Isolation is a killer, and we're much healthier when engaged and relating with each other. Continue Reading

Pamela A. Pappas, MD February 4, 2016

Considering that she is a surgeon, I was curious about what Dr. Starla Fitch's "remedy for burnout" would be as I read this book. It didn't take long to discover that beneath the brain of a doctor lives the heart of a true healer. Dr. Fitch's compassion, empathy and desire to support her fellow medical professionals is not only creative and practical, but touching indeed. Continue Reading

Lisa Zimmerman February 4, 2016

Starla Fitch was a true inspiration. . . Her stories touched our hearts and our spirits. She helped us start the discussion regarding physician and team burnout and how we can begin addressing and preventing it. Starla’s insights are so practical and timely for the stressors we face as part of the complex healthcare system. She reminds us of the compassion that brought us to this field and of our need to connect and support one another. Continue Reading

Janet Albers, MD, Chairperson and Residency Program Director February 4, 2016

Dr. Fitch was able to take us out of the chaos that is the medical field, and ask us to remember why we went into this profession in the first place. She asked us to step back and look for balance in our lives between the important work we do by running medical practices, and cherishing the time we spend with family and friends. Through humor and life lessons, Dr. Fitch left us energized and ready to take on the world again. Continue Reading

Lynn Wolff, FACMPE, MGMA February 4, 2016

I have seldom seen our students as engaged as they were with your presentation. You have a wonderful facility for touching an audience, a warm and supportive presence, and a genuine gift for erasing the barriers between speaker and listeners. The kind of interaction your talk generated rarely happens — we are all in your debt.Thanks for giving so freely of yourself. This is important work you are doing, and you are doing it with wisdom, with humor, and with grace. Continue Reading

Phillip Davis, PhD, Associate Provost February 4, 2016

Dr. Starla Fitch’s book offers a heart-centered remedy on how physicians can help themselves, feel empowered, reconnect to their life purpose, and truly learn how to love medicine despite the challenges of the external world. Continue Reading

Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD February 4, 2016

Grateful Doctor

I began to consider hiring a coach as I felt like I was entering a critical point in my career as CMO. The fabulous Starla Fitch helped me negotiate a 30% raise, a scribe, an administrative assistant, dedicated professional development funds and time (in addition to CME), and an increase to 3 admin days per week. There is no way I would have accomplished this without Starla’s insight and encouragement. I am truly thankful for her! Continue Reading

Grateful Doctor (name withheld by request) September 21, 2019

Adrienne Youdim

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Before I met Starla I had a professional wish list but no roadmap of how to get there. Starla provides the clarity to overcome the inertia of trying something new and follows it with support, guidance accountability and actionable steps to lead you Continue Reading

Adrienne Youdim, MA, FACP October 4, 2019

Elizabeth Buisker

I worked with Starla over several months during a very tumultuous time at a previous employer. Starla was able to create a plan to help me survive my "hair on fire" situation while simultaneously preparing me for my move to a new position. Starla was an excellent listener, provided needed insight to my situation I Continue Reading

Elizabeth Buisker, DO, MBA October 4, 2019

Kent DeLay

When I started my coaching with Starla, shortly after starting my first post-training job, I was confused and very anxious about my situation. Through her consistent encouragement, planning, and analysis I find myself excited with both the direction of both my professional and personal life. While struggles are inevitable Starla’s coaching has equipped me with Continue Reading

Kent DeLay, MD October 4, 2019

Dena Hubbard

Before working with Starla, I was praying to need surgery to have a reason to not have to practice medicine. I was severely burnt out on every scale possible and felt completely hopeless. After working with Starla, I have a new positive outlook in my work and have actually found joy again, in medicine, and Continue Reading

Dena Hubbard, MD October 4, 2019

Candi Nobles-James

For someone who makes a living caring for other people, my life surely had become unbalanced. I am so grateful for the work I've accomplished with Dr. Fitch. She reminded me how to nurture and care for myself physically, mentally, and spiritually and how to set reasonable boundaries in my professional and personal life. I Continue Reading

Candi Nobles-James, MD October 4, 2019