Barbara L. Edie

In Remedy for Burnout, Dr. Starla Fitch shares the best medicine—creativity, compassion and connection—among other sources of support for not only physicians to heal themselves from exhaustion, but also that can be applied to many professions… and burned out lives. As a former acute care nurse, who worked with critically ill newborns and later with terminally ill children, I understand how taxing and emotionally and physically draining it can be on the frontlines of the health care system…especially in the OR or hospital setting. However, as Dr. Starla reminded me, I gained so much more from the patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, who lifted me up when I needed them most. Thank you Dr. Starla for the perfect prescription to love medicine–and life—again.

Barbara L. Edie December 8, 2015

CATEGORIES: on December 8, 2015 by Starla Fitch, M.D.

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