Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD

Dr. Starla Fitch’s book offers a heart-centered remedy on how physicians can help themselves, feel empowered, reconnect to their life purpose, and truly learn how to love medicine despite the challenges of the external world.

Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD February 4, 2016

Phillip Davis, PhD, Associate Provost

I have seldom seen our students as engaged as they were with your presentation. You have a wonderful facility for touching an audience, a warm and supportive presence, and a genuine gift for erasing the barriers between speaker and listeners. The kind of interaction your talk generated rarely happens — we are all in your debt.Thanks for giving so freely of yourself. This is important work you are doing, and you are doing it with wisdom, with humor, and with grace.

Phillip Davis, PhD, Associate Provost February 4, 2016

Lynn Wolff, FACMPE, MGMA

Dr. Fitch was able to take us out of the chaos that is the medical field, and ask us to remember why we went into this profession in the first place. She asked us to step back and look for balance in our lives between the important work we do by running medical practices, and cherishing the time we spend with family and friends. Through humor and life lessons, Dr. Fitch left us energized and ready to take on the world again.

Lynn Wolff, FACMPE, MGMA February 4, 2016

Janet Albers, MD, Chairperson and Residency Program Director

Starla Fitch was a true inspiration. . . Her stories touched our hearts and our spirits. She helped us start the discussion regarding physician and team burnout and how we can begin addressing and preventing it. Starla’s insights are so practical and timely for the stressors we face as part of the complex healthcare system. She reminds us of the compassion that brought us to this field and of our need to connect and support one another.

Janet Albers, MD, Chairperson and Residency Program Director February 4, 2016

Lisa Zimmerman

Considering that she is a surgeon, I was curious about what Dr. Starla Fitch’s “remedy for burnout” would be as I read this book. It didn’t take long to discover that beneath the brain of a doctor lives the heart of a true healer. Dr. Fitch’s compassion, empathy and desire to support her fellow medical professionals is not only creative and practical, but touching indeed.

Lisa Zimmerman February 4, 2016

Pamela A. Pappas, MD

I’m a psychiatrist and homeopath who has worked with hundreds of medical students, residents, and practicing physicians experiencing burnout. Plus I’ve come through burnout myself. From both perspectives, I can say that Dr. Fitch has created an extremely helpful guide here.

. . . Many doctors are “do it by myself-ers,” to the point we can forget anyone might be able or willing to help. Isolation is a killer, and we’re much healthier when engaged and relating with each other.

Pamela A. Pappas, MD February 4, 2016

Madeleine Castellanos, MD

Starla infuses what has become the dehumanization of medical staff with a breath of fresh air. She highlights the issues facing not just doctors, but nurses and ancillary staff that all work together under this now-broken model we call medicine. Thank you Starla for giving all of medicine another way of approaching each moment of experience and each interaction with each other as an opportunity for presence, love, and connection.

Madeleine Castellanos, MD February 4, 2016

Howell Tucker, MD

Out of a heart of true concern for others, Dr. Starla Fitch has articulated what many of us have experienced at various stages of our careers. I suspect it is only a fortunate few who have never known seasons of time when job stress and fatigue resulted in some degree of burnout. Dr. Fitch’s insight can likely be applied to all walks of life. Thank you for being willing to speak about it!!!

Howell Tucker, MD February 4, 2016

Sue Ludwig

I’ve worked with thousands of doctors in my career and even have a few in my immediate family. I’ve witnessed not only what it takes to become a physician but what it takes to fuel that passion over years of taking call, survive the ever increasing pressure to see more patients in less time and weather the subsequent loss of connection to the patients served. Dr. Fitch’s book presents the reality of this path along with the inspiration to stay (or reconnect) with that original devotion. I simply loved the stories presented here as a reminder of why we all got into healthcare in the first place and the tangible ways doctors (and others) can feel that fire again.

Sue Ludwig February 4, 2016

Colleen O’Grady

Dr. Starla Fitch’s Remedy for Burnout is a practical, uplifting, and hopeful book. After all the politics of health care in our country it’s so refreshing to take medicine back to the foundation of true compassionate, healing care. Dr. Starla Fitch Is not only a surgeon and is in the trenches, but she is a visionary for what is possible for both doctors and patients. In her warm and positive manner she gives practical prescriptions to love medicine again. I have taught in a medical school for 19 years and many of her prescriptions were not addressed with the medical students and residents. But as a marriage and family therapist I know true healing begins with the care giver. This is where real healing begins. I am so grateful that Dr. Fitch has shared her wisdom with us. I wish all doctors had the heart of Dr. Fitch.

Colleen O’Grady February 4, 2016