The #1 Secret About Meditation


A few years ago, I was able to be up close and personal with Deepak Chopra. He was in my home town giving a talk on his book, Super Genes.

What I love about Deepak could fill up a book rather than a blog, but the thing that really struck me was how down-to-earth he was. He made jokes, he had trouble with his slides, he was just plain human. And although he had me at “hello,” when he led the crowd of a thousand people in a guided meditation, you could have heard a pin drop. Sigh.

I’ve long been a fan of meditation. It helps me stays centered through holiday craziness, surgical stresses and hectic schedules. Meditation can cure a lot that ails you. In fact, 61 year old supermodel, Christie Brinkley, says that she has been meditating since she was a teenager and credits that for her youthful looks.

Deepak put some big science behind the importance of meditation. He stated that our telomeres, which are the ends of human chromosomes, get longer by forty percent when we meditate. Typically, telomeres shorten with age, cancer and bad lifestyle choices. So, when we meditate we can change our biological clock.


Meditation is one of the Five Pillars of Physical Wellbeing that Deepak reviewed, along with sleep, movement, emotions and nutrition.

When I work with clients in and out of the medical world, I hear complaints about the whole process of meditation.

  • “Who has time to meditate?”
  • “I’m not good at it.”
  • “My house/office/life is too busy/noisy/stressful to slow down for that kind of thing.”

How can we keep meditation — and our telomeres — on our priority list?

1) Put “meditation” on your daily to-do list and set aside a few minutes first thing in the morning before things get hectic.

2) Find different meditations that work for you. You can sign up for free 21-day meditations often at Or just google “10 minute meditation” and find something that suits you.

3) Look at other modalities for meditating. When time is short, I find just thinking of calm thoughts as I drive to the hospital or while I’m in the shower can substitute for the full-on meditation experience.

If I had to give you the Number One Secret for how to sneak in meditation to your daily life, it would be the tip that Deepak passed on to us:  Tweet: “Observe yourself without judgment.” -Deepak Chopra

Deepak talked about being a witness to your self. Just noticing what you are thinking can be a mini-meditation in itself.

Sometimes just being still can help you find the answers you need.

There’s never going to be the perfect time to start incorporating meditation in your life. Why not now?

Please share in the comments below how you find time to meditate. We all need the wisdom of our community to make great changes!




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4 thoughts on “The #1 Secret About Meditation

  1. Stefan Andrews

    Too often I “forget” to include meditation as part of my morning routine. I suspect there may be others like me. Having an “accountability partner” to remind me and join me in meditation just might be a viable solution for me and many others.

    1. Starla Fitch, M.D. Post author

      Stefan, having an accountability partner is a great idea — not just for checking in on meditation but for encouraging many “next steps,” such as eating healthier, getting more exercise. I have accountability buddies that keep me on task for getting my next projects done, too. Thanks so much for your suggestion! Take care.


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