How to Live Your Best Day Possible

Your Best Day

One of the ways I take care of myself is by being around people who are in my corner. Some days, that looks like me and my hubby in our PJs, watching old movies or football games, while eating day-old chili or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Other days, that means I’m off to attend a women physician book club meeting where we discuss books, medicine, and all things in between over a pot-luck dinner. The group is aptly named “Wine, Women and Zen.” How could you not love that?

I’m honored to report that we’ve reviewed my book, Remedy for Burnout and several other great offerings over the years.

This month’s book was New York Time’s best-seller Being Mortal by Dr. Atul Gawande. Dr. Gawande discusses how medicine approaches the dying and shares many personal stories, including that of his father’s illness.

One of the take-home messages he shares is the approach that hospice specialists use when someone has a serious, life threatening illness. They ask the following questions:

1) What is your understanding of the current situation and the potential outcome?
2) What are your hopes?
3) What are your fears?
4) What are the trade offs you are willing and not willing to make?

Dr. Gawande explains that the goal in hospice is to have the “best day possible” with each remaining day.

I was struck by how those questions and that goal could be applied to all of us, in non-life threatening situations, right now. Tweet: We’re only promised this moment. Is this your best day possible?

They’re actually perfect questions to ask the medical and non-medical folks I coach or those I speak to around the country.

Because sometimes our understanding of our current situation, whether that involves our job, a friendship or our marriage needs to be clarified, doesn’t it? And if there’s ever a time for asking “What are your hopes and fears?” it’s gotta be in the middle of a crisis of the heart.

When we draw that line in the sand and talk about staying or leaving our job, our relationship, our friendship — isn’t it all about the trade-offs we are willing and not willing to make?

We need to make sure that we are able to identify and seek out our happiness.


How to Live Your Best Day Possible


When we plop our head down on the pillow each night, aren’t we hoping that we have had the “best day possible”?

Are you asking yourself the right questions, right now?

Are you living your best day possible, right now?

It’s time to remember that we are, in fact, all mortal. That we have just this one life. Make sure you make it count.




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