Energy? What’s That?

After a long, arduous winter, spring finally seems to be in the air (I hope you feel it, too, no matter what your zip code).

Usually, fresh, sunny days and warm winds blow in thoughts of planting gardens, planning summer vacations, or at least the memory of what it’s like to wear cute, new shoes.

If none of these images even remotely rings your bell, you’ve got some serious energy issues. Your energy stores are depleted. And, I can relate.

So, be honest. Why aren’t we all running full speed ahead into spring?

I think our hesitation is about where we are all living today. Doctors are always in the “we-can-do-it-all” mode.

We believe that if only we could figure out how to build a perfect schedule, we could do it all.

Is that true?

Would we even want it to be true?

Recently, during a much-needed vacation with my husband, we tried to wind down and enjoy the sunset.

But rather than looking at the skies, he sat there listening to board reviews on CDs, while I Googled the title of a podcast that I had heard would be helpful to overworked doctors.

What the heck?!?

No wonder we were too tired to get up early and tackle a morning hike to watch a gorgeous sunrise.

And if you’d asked us, we could justify why it made sense that we resisted looking up from our devices long enough to see the sailboats pass by.

It’s times like these that I need to take my own advice: Stop. Breathe. Remember where my energy comes from.

I’ve done enough self-work to know that my energy comes from the love of my family.

From the joy I get from helping others.

And from watching sunsets.


Are you too busy, too overwhelmed, or too distracted to look up and witness the magic of a beautiful sunset?

If you are nodding your head, then we should talk. Contact me to set up a Get Acquainted Call, and we’ll figure out how you can re-energize your life so you, too, can run full tilt toward spring.

CATEGORIES: Blog on May 26, 2014 by Starla Fitch, M.D.

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2 thoughts on “Energy? What’s That?

  1. Pam Pappas

    Dear Starla —

    It can be so hard to break the trance of electronic gadgets and full-on scheduling, but break it we must! Hoping you and your husband did eventually do that so you could enjoy your vacation time. Watching sailboats and sunsets sounds heavenly. 🙂

    1. Starla Fitch, M.D. Post author

      Dr. Pam,

      Thanks for your sweet response! It is, indeed, hard to turn off the constant drive to do one more thing. Thankfully, we were both able to come up for air long enough to enjoy a few sunsets. 🙂 Sometimes doing what I say isn’t always what I do.


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