Embrace Your Flaws

embrace your flaws

If you spend even a moment watching TV, looking at magazines or surfing Facebook or Twitter, you’re witness to the “best of the best.”

We see famous and not-so-famous people presenting their very best selves to the world. It’s the rare post (usually a tabloid) that has a photo or article about someone in an old t-shirt and greasy hair, eating a taco with extra sour cream.

Instead we all tend to post our “Sunday best” selves. We share our awards, our children’s accomplishments, our wins.

Once in awhile, someone will branch out and let the air out of their own tires. The blog about the Thanksgiving turkey that turned out to still be frozen or the time the soda can exploded in the refrigerator, resulting in a six hour clean-up on an already busy day are two of my personal favorites (that I posted after experiencing the agony of defeat).

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Imagine – a day where it’s not only okay, but cheered on, for us to just be ordinarily human.

The ho-hum stories where we’re not pretending to be perfect just don’t usually make the press. Those stories about just getting through the day, stopping at the grocery store for the basics, not beating yourself up when you reach for the frozen pizza. And when you do post these, in efforts to keep it real on Facebook, how are the likes and shares on that day? Yeah. That’s what I thought you’d say.

What if we picked a day every week to acknowledge our flaws?

We’ve got “Throwback Thursday” and that’s been embraced.

I’m advocating – – “#FlawedFriday.” It’s a hashtag I don’t see used near enough.

What if we challenged each other every Friday with our geekiest or lamest post?

  • Picture admitting that you went to that fancy business dinner knowing that you had a huge run in your pantyhose.
  • What if you took a picture of your kitchen counter right when you were trying to decide if you should just get a large trash bag and scoop the entire contents in it, including your son’s homework that must be in there somewhere?
  • How about admitting that you pulled into the fast food drive thru for an unhealthy breakfast on your way to the office or the operating room, just because you felt like it? Even though your pants were snug.

At the end of the day, is anyone going to love you less because you have a run in your hose? Or because your junk drawer is what it’s supposed to be — junky?


Embrace Your Flaws

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Au contraire. I bet you’ll be that much more loveable. And from a coaching perspective, you’re being open and real about who you are is going to make you more loveable to yourself. And then the vicious cycle of happiness begins.

Sure, the first few “Flawed Friday” posts will take some gumption. It’s not easy to be authentic when we’re authentically a mess.

But imagine the fun! Comparing notes on the most delicious donuts we ate on our “cheat” days. Or admitting that we threw on scrubs because we didn’t have energy to do laundry the night before. Or sharing pictures of our family’s grins as they eat franks and beans for dinner instead of broiled chicken and salad greens.

Imagine – a day where it’s not only okay, but cheered on, for us to just be ordinarily human. Embrace our flaws. And each other. Who’s in?


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