Did You Bail on Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions

When I think about New Year’s resolutions, I think of the greatest Journey song ever (in my humble opinion), Don’t Stop Believing.

I know that sounds random. But right around now, when most of us bail on our New Year’s resolutions, why not look at what the winners do – you know, those 8 percent of Americans who actually achieve what they set out to do each year? (Yes, if you’re into stats on this, 50 percent of Americans make resolutions, but only 8 percent achieve them, according to Dan Diamond in Forbes.)

So what DO the winners do?

They keep it simple, tangible, obvious and yes: they don’t stop believing.

For those of you who remember Journey and their song that was released in 1981, think back to what you were believing then.

I was a struggling pre-med student who was wondering if I’d lost my mind by starting down a new career path that was going to take so much time, money and effort.

Who knew what the fates would have in store for me in 2016? A busy surgical practice; a rewarding coaching life; a thriving speaking business.

As each New Year has approached since 1981, I must confess that sometimes I nailed it when it came to resolutions. Other times, not so much.

How can you take the “winner” attributes and apply them to your New Year’s goals?

Start by asking if your New Year’s resolutions are serving you.

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Are they? Or are you just letting them make you feel “less than” because you’ve fallen off the wagon of whatever improvement path you were walking down?

It’s not about losing ten pounds, or going to the gym every day, or making home-cooked meals every night. It might be about being happier in your day job. Or finding a way to take the good parts of your job and incorporate them into ways that bring you more joy.

It’s about believing in yourself. In your worth. In your strength.

What’s your guiding force this year? Is there something that’s keeping you focused on your goals? What reminds you to keep… believing?

My secret weapon is to choose a Word of the Year as part of my New Year’s ritual. This year my word is: TRUST.

I know your world is a lot like mine. Just like you, I have a ton on my plate and even as a Type A, I must be mindful of overcommitment.

That’s why my Word of the Year works for me: it keeps reminding me about the “Trust” —

  •   I’m trusting that the yin yang of my schedule will work itself out.
  •   I’m trusting that I’ll keep my New Year’s resolution of meditating every day to keep myself calm and grounded.
  •   I’m trusting that the folks who need to hear my message, whether in a speech or in a coaching session, will find me and, most importantly, receive my message of service.

I also happen to have a strong support system, because I know I can’t do it all myself. For me, that team includes my husband Chris; my dear friend and accountability partner Jen, who keeps me plodding forward doing 3 more things every week on my business; my sweet electric guitar teacher Bradly, who reminds me to have fun; my book club members who help me think outside the box; my trainer Andy at the gym (who tells me crackers, though delicious, are not a major food group); and my life and business coaches.

I am that much stronger with all these people in my corner. They help me when I need it. They make me accountable so that I can reach my goals. They keep me honest and sometimes tell me things I don’t want to hear.

Who’s on your team and who’s keeping you accountable? We weren’t meant to do all this by ourselves. And just getting down on yourself because you haven’t gone to the gym for a week, or haven’t found a way to love your day job, isn’t going to make this year better than last.

Share with me, in the comments below, where you’ve drifted when it comes to your goals and resolutions, and let’s chat about how you can get back on track.

And… Don’t stop believing.


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