How Connection Builds Success


You’ve heard that people buy from those they know, like and trust. They also look to those they know, like and trust to be their doctors, their attorneys, their contractors – and certainly, their hairdressers!

This happens through connection.

You ask your neighbor who painted their house. You notice the cute haircut your child’s teacher has, and find out where she went. You overhear a friend talking about their awesome doctor, and you jot down the name.

The connections you make with others can improve your odds of getting quality people and services in your everyday life.

Well, it turns out that when we build connections within an organization, a team, even a family — that builds success.

The folks at Google set out to analyze what teams were the best and why. Their Project Aristotle was described in The New York Times. One of the key findings: when each team member has input, magic happens.

You may be part of a medical group, a professional team, or a family member and wonder how this can help you and your particular “team.”

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The key to success is to have each person feel heard.

Success happens when each person feels connected to the other. Without putting them on the spot.

One way to accomplish this is to have the leader ask for opinions around the table. It may mean having family discussions at dinner that include comments from everyone, including those glued to their cellphones.

If you’re a leader, it means seeking out the quiet people at the table in a non-threatening way to let them be seen.

Why should you care?

We know connection matters. It’s good for us: it lowers our blood pressure; lets us live longer; reduces our stress.

Now we know it can also make us more successful — it can make our teams more successful. Whether that “team” is our tennis group, our corporation, or the five people that sleep under one roof in our home every night.

What one thing can you do today to add success to your team? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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