Candi Nobles-James“For someone who makes a living caring for other people, my life surely had become unbalanced. I am so grateful for the work I’ve accomplished with Dr. Fitch. She reminded me how to nurture and care for myself physically, mentally, and spiritually and how to set reasonable boundaries in my professional and personal life. I was wowed by how easily we connected and by how many goals we set and accomplished in record time. The VIP weekend in Atlanta was an investment in myself and well worth every penny. Thankfully, the work is ongoing with regular telephone meetings with Starla aimed toward setting new goals and developing plans to make life even more rich and rewarding. When I first met Starla I was ready to throw the towel in and change careers; now I love medicine again. My life and career are better than I ever imagined they could be. I’m glad I gave myself permission to reach out for the support I needed.”

-Candi Nobles-James, MD