The HAVE FUN Workbook for Doctors and Healthcare Providers Is Here!

Have-fun-doctors-ordersProfessional burnout is all too real for many of us. But can you remember a time as a child when you felt overwhelmed by the world? Probably not, because you were too busy exploring and learning. When you’re young, almost everything is new. Dr. Starla Fitch wants to help you reconnect with the part of you that may have forgotten how to make simple things fun.


About the Author

Starla Fitch, MD, is an oculoplastic surgeon, author, speaker and certified life coach. She is also the creator of, an online community for medical professionals who want to reconnect with their passion for the practice. Dr. Fitch is a featured blogger for Huffington Post and She has appeared on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta numerous times to offer her medical expertise, and she has been asked to share her wisdom in a TEDx talk in March 2015.