A Quick Tool To Improve Connection (and Get Happy!)


There’s an inverse relationship between stress, burnout, and our connection. As stress goes up, connection goes down.

What adds more to our stress and burnout every day? The dreaded “To Do’s.”

When was the last time you actually did everything on your “To Do” list? And, by the way, make sure you have a “Don’t Do” list, as well.

Have you met your new neighbor? Made a lunch date with your colleague to discuss that project? Sent off the article you’ve been meaning to write?

What’s holding you back?

If your world is like mine, the answer is time — and a big lack of it.

Well, prepare for a happy sigh of relief.

There’s a way to make it happen.

I stumbled upon something several months ago that has changed my approach to everything. It’s made me more organized, more connected and —yes — happier.

It’s free. And easy.


The answer is:


Here’s how it works . . .

Let’s say, you run into a friend at the grocery store. You’ve been meaning to get together with her for months. You both say in unison, “Yes, let’s plan on it.”

STOP — Get out your phone, your calendar, your grocery list.

PLAN — Make a plan right there to meet up in the next two weeks.

RELAX — Once you’ve tried the Two Week Rule, apply it to everything. And see how the question of “when” gets easier.

Just so you know, the key to the Two Week Rule is not to actually do everything within the next two weeks. Just to commit within two weeks to a definite game plan.

Twitter-Icon_LoveMedicineAgain.com The 2 Week Rule can reduce stress and improve connection.


How can you use THE TWO WEEK RULE today?





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