Finding Your Truth

It’s pretty likely you’ve had some soul searching times in your life. Am I right? It may be have been about your job, your partner, your home. Or maybe something easy, like your last haircut. (Bangs? What was I thinking!) None of us are immune.

Recently, as more and more non-medical people approached our community, wanting to be part of our world at Love Medicine Again, I had to review where we were and where we wanted to be.

After some long soul searching, I came up with three steps to follow when you need to find the truth. And I hope they’ll be helpful for you when those important decisions come up. (Yeah. Not the silly ones — like haircuts!).

Here goes:

1. Start with your why.

What is the most important thing about this person, place or thing and why is it so critical?

For me, I realized that our community was about connection and that having a background

in health care wasn’t a prerequisite.

Having a heart that wanted to share and learn and grow was.

2. Look at your past.

When I looked over the past several years of our community and how it has grown, I saw

that it all began as a bit of a ripple. A stone in the pond that rippled tiny waves outward. And

those waves that started in a pond now extend across oceans.

I knew that we needed to take a deep breath and get bigger, to embrace all those who

are just, like Ram Dass says, “walking each other home.”

3. Embrace the future.

Change is scary. I’m a gal who doesn’t love change. Ask my team in the O.R. when they

had me a new brand of suture!

But there’s a reason why Love Medicine Again is bursting at the seams and expanding

beyond any of our wildest dreams. And it has to do with you.

Twitter-Icon_LoveMedicineAgain.comAt the end of the day, we all just want to #ConnectMore.

So, here we grow! Into our own expanded, imperfect and supportive community.

What truth can we help you find? We’re all in this together, my friends.





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