Beth Boynton, RN

This book is written primarily for physicians, but as an advocate for collaborative work and humanizing healthcare (i.e. medicine, nursing, etc) I loved it!

I tended to substitute healthcare professionals or add nurses in my head at times because despite our differences, I think we can talk about burnout together and much of her advice is useful to nurses. In fact, docs and nurses have tremendous potential power to impact healthcare and I believe this power can be realized if we can invite, listen to, and learn about each other’s experiences.

Beth Boynton, RN February 4, 2016

Marc Greenberg, MD

Practicing medicine has always been a risky field for burnout. There has always been, and always will be, more patients that could have been seen, more articles that could be read, more meetings that could have been attended. . . Any physician practicing today will find Dr. Fitch’s comments relevant and her remedies helpful.

Marc Greenberg, MD February 4, 2016

Lori Mehleis, RN

“Remedy for Burnout” reminded me of why I became a nurse, and why I continue to care for people. Dr. Fitch encourages us to stay positive, embrace our creativity and support each other on a daily basis.

Lori Mehleis, RN February 4, 2016

Thomas S. Harbin, Jr., MD

Medical training prepares us for many aspects of practicing, but not the emotional demands. Over time, the emotional drain can lead to burnout or worse. Dr. Starla Fitch has written a marvelous book that fills the gap. You will get a refresher on burnout and more important, prescriptions to remedy the problem. Reading this book and following her advice will let you love your practice again.

Thomas S. Harbin, Jr., MD February 4, 2016

Clare V. Buser

…I was intrigued about burnout from a doctor’s perspective. As a nurse who has suffered burnout, I realized I could have used this book in the past and that I’ll be referring to (it) in the future. Dr. Starla’s concrete interventions would easily be customized to any profession or stage of life, i.e., overwhelmed teacher, exhausted parent, frustrated job seeker. The Remedy revives your spirit, organizes your frazzled thoughts and focuses your action plan . . .

Clare V. Buser February 4, 2016

Michael Miller

Dr. Fitch . . . addresses the issues so many of us face in our day-to-day work lives, whether we are doctors or not. How do you find the joy and satisfaction that drew you to your profession in a world of deadlines, bureaucracy and multi-tasking? In addition (she) addresses the unique issues faced by our medical providers that might not be apparent to patients and others. Dr. Fitch’s 7 prescriptions of self-awareness, empowerment and relationship-building can be implemented immediately to change your mindset from one of burnout to gratitude.

Michael Miller February 4, 2016

J. Michael Roach, MD

Starla elegantly reminds us why we enjoy the emotional side of medicine, and coaches us how to perform better as well. The positive relationships with patients and peers can help sustain us during these trying times of seemingly endless regulation, a mentally fatiguing and demanding process for most doctors. She reminds us to take care of ourselves, too. Her work encourages us to continue to grow our strengths, as well as improve our weaker areas.

J. Michael Roach, MD February 4, 2016

Julie Kovach, MD

This is the most productive time I’ve spent for work in a long time. . . (it was) transformational.

Julie Kovach, MD February 4, 2016

Stacie Styles Liang, RN

You are so helpful, not only for physicians, but for anyone who works in the medical profession. You help me understand and respond to situations that arise at work with more understanding, empathy, and truth.

Stacie Styles Liang, RN February 4, 2016

Perry Ballard, MD

I appreciate her ‘speaking up’ for all of us. Starla makes some great points about the challenges that physicians face on a daily basis.

Perry Ballard, MD February 4, 2016